We offer Environmental Consulting and Project Management Services with the aim to develop urban-agriculture installations and educational programs.

Project Definition
  • Purpose (educational, promotional, commercial or non-profit production)  

  • Type (outdoor, indoor, vertical, hydroponic, aquaponic...) 

  • Space and natural conditions

  • Sizing

Design & Conception


  • Full sketching 2D, 3D

  • Accessibility and security

  • Environmental integration (landscape or interior)

  • Project management



  • Full installation (FSC wood, organic soil, compost and seeds)

  • Irrigation solution (automatic, self watering, rainwater collecting system)

  • Composting solutions

  • Guarantee

Feasibility Studies
  • Environmental assessment (natural conditions, impacts and risks, pollution studies, structural assessment)

  • Legal and administrative duties (property and land use, zoning checks, liabilities, licensing, alignment with municipal policies, tax regulations)

  • Regulation updates

  • Business plan (return on investment)

  • Funding solutions (sponsoring, fund raising, grants, loans) 

‚ÄčEducation & Workshops


  • Educational programs

  • Environmental and sustainable education and practices 

  • Training workshops (maintenance, growing, composting, cooking)

  • Community engagement strategies

  • Pedagogical and ecological activities

Garden Services & Support


  • Season start, maintenance, pest control expertise

  • Support and monitoring (growing success, production performance)

  • End season appraisal aimed at the continuous improvement and adjustment of the installation (Site extension, additional installation or equipements, CSA distribution, sales...)

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