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Albor Pacific created in 2016 an educational environmental program for the francophones students of British Columbia, in partnership with the Société de Développement Economique (SDE) and the Francophone School District of BC (CSF). 

The aim of the program have been to built up an environmental culture common to all participant schools (primary and secondary schools)

After great results and success, in 2020, Albor Pacific decided to launched a Federal Non-for-Profit EcoNova Education. Transforming the program to an entity itself with the clear goal to educate youth to environmental issues and climate change. 


EcoNova offers to young kids and youth : 

Educational programs with practical and dynamic activities designed to engage students and teachers in ecological actions within the schools. These activities are ultimately part of a formal environmental certification process.

Projects of "agro-ecology and applied environmental science" : These projects take the form of experimental and productive gardens, greenhouses, hydroponics or aquaponic installations that will produce, within the school, seedlings, herbs, fruits and vegetables, while promoting learning experience of scientific concepts governing environmental balances.

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