Ecology and the climate crisis are at the heart of modern culture, at the center of every decision. Everyone has a role to play. We all need to act collectively to protect our world for current and future generations.

To solve a problem, we first need to understand the problem, measure it, identify or create solutions, take action, and evaluate our result.

We take climate science and the bigger picture of the challenges we face and make it accessible and understandable for everyone.

Demonstrating a practical vision for the future through our installations and workshops, we empower people to act now.

Our story so far…

Founded in 2015, Albor Pacific is led by Alexa and Aloïs, two former lawyers with the vision to accelerate the urban food movement.

Urban food and food systems are great opportunities to educate, inspire action, and improve local and healthy food access, soil health, climate change, and the environmental impact of our choices.

Albor Pacific began by working with school districts, offering custom installations of and associated educational programs for school gardens, greenhouses and hydroponics systems.  Building on these school offerings, Albor then developed student-centered, hands-on environmental education programs that align with provincial K-12 educational standards and curriculum.

The food system remains at the heart of their philosophy and approach. Why? Food connects people, cultures and communities. Food and food systems start conversations on climate change and sustainability that prime people to highlight both individual and collective actions, and inspire productive conversations. 

Over the years, Albor Pacific has continued to develop new services and products in response to its customers’ needs – whether it is a specialized training program or a creatively designed hydroponics system. Currently, Albor Pacific is developing new climate education programs for employees, carbon assessments, and consulting for organizations on sustainability and climate change.

How can we help you?

Our Team


Alexa is a specialized lawyer in business law and an expert in intellectual property including patents and models. She has a passion for art, innovation and food. She worked in law firms, for the cinema and publishing industries.

Over the past 10 years, she founded and led a successful business in the distribution of fair-trade Colombian coffee in Paris. Then, she decided to focus her work on sustainable economics as an entrepreneur in Vancouver. 

Alexa co-founded Albor Pacific with the ambition to demonstrate that we can improve our environment, care for our health and make profit through the adoption of urban agriculture practices.

Alexa has a Master degree in Law and a MBA from the University Paris II Pantheon-Assas & Paris I Panteon-Sorbonne. She also holds a Master in Colombian Law from the University of Rosario & studied at UBC.


Aloïs is an environmentalist, a lawyer and an economist. He has worked on both sides of the fence, first as a lawyer, then as a policy maker. He is an expert in environmental affairs and politics and a proven leader in climate and energy policies.

Driven by his vision for smarter and greener cities, Aloïs co-founded Albor Pacific and became an Urban Food entrepreneur. His goal, in line with the local strategies is to make Urban Food a city wide reality.

Aloïs has a Master degree in Law and a MBA from the University Paris-Sud XI. He also holds a Masters in Economics from Shanghai Normal University. Aloïs has always been very active with the communities: Secretary of the students association, co-founded the Alumni for the Environmental Law Master, co-founded the French-Chinese Environmental Law Society in Paris engaging partners as Law Firms, Corporations and Universities in both France and China.

Our fantastic volunteers support a variety of sustainability projects and our daily operations.

Get in touch if you are interested in contributing to our mission