Aloïs and Alexa are the founders of Albor Pacific. They are both long time environmental advocates and entrepreneurs.

Alexa is a specialized lawyer in business law and an expert in intellectual property including patents and models. She has a passion for art, innovation and food. She worked in law firms, for the cinema and publishing industries.


Over the past 10 years, she founded and led a successful business in the distribution of fair-trade Colombian coffee in Paris. Then, she decided to focus her work on sustainable economics as an entrepreneur in Vancouver. 


Alexa co-founded Albor Pacific with the ambition to demonstrate that we can improve our environment, care for our health and make profit through the adoption of urban agriculture practices.


Alexa has a Master degree in Law and a MBA from the University Paris II Pantheon-Assas & Paris I Panteon-Sorbonne. She also holds a Master in Colombian Law from the University of Rosario, and studied at UBC.


Aloïs is an environmentalist, a lawyer and an economist. He has worked on both sides of the fence, first as a lawyer, then as a policy maker. He is an expert in environmental affairs and politics and a proven leader in climate and energy policies.


Driven by his vision for smarter and greener cities, Aloïs co-founded Albor Pacific and became an Urban Food entrepreneur. His goal, in line with the local strategies is to make Urban Food a city wide reality.


Aloïs has a Master degree in Law and a MBA from the University Paris-Sud XI. He also holds a Masters in Economics from Shanghai Normal University. Aloïs has always been very active with the communities: Secretary of the students association, co-founded the Alumni for the Environmental Law Master, co-founded the French-Chinese Environmental Law Society in Paris engaging partners as Law Firms, Corporations and Universities in both France and China.


Albor Pacific expertise relies on the dedication and the skills of its experienced professional members who share the firm’s vision: architects, sustainable agronomist, experts in sustainable systems, certified horticulturalist, water management engineer, structure engineer, certified carpenters.


Altogether we stand with a network of local and trusty BC experts and businesses ready to take the Urban Food to the next level.

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